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WISI has 17 years of experience in providing clients with business systems to optimise delivery, solve problems and re-engineer existing architectures and systems.

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10 december 2017

Instant Mesenger

Enpower your businerss to enage with its clients in the spaces where they live. Build messenging solutions that serve your clients across WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Telegram etc...


15 december 2017

Technical Audits

Website errors are one of the msot common reason why brands strggle to compete in many competitive industries. Make sure your web presnce is optimised for all platforms from desktop to mobile.


17 december 2017

Brand Protection

Do you own your brand? More and more brands find themselves loosing their own brand Google traffic to compititors. make sure you dont loose what is your own and capitalise on your brand identity

WISI Tech/Marketing Updates

We source great content from global sources for you

It is often a challenge to find a good source of techcnology and/or marketing updates on on the internet. We look for global updates and integrate those into our content syndication channel where we share the posts and invite the communty to engage and comment

Core Agency Skillsets

Tech without Noise

One of the most important deliverbles in business is getting the best tech to give business the solutions they need and not the the tech everyone likes to show off. When a business can shed the burdon of trying "cool" stuff and focus on getting the single processeses they have built their success on., then Tech becomes the driving force whihc will propell your business to the next level.

Understanding of the Buiness Requirement
Technology Selection: What is needed not wanted
Make sure you can measure everything
Big Data Solutions
Identify New Opportunities

Innovation is when great solutions get Implemented

Interesting Projects

We cover a range of industries as diverse as these...

Automation Solutions

Need to create automated system to collect, process and reviews your systems, data and process flows?


Make suer you capitalise on all the information avaiable at your fingertips to drive convesion ratios up!

Affiliate Platforms

We have built several affilaite programs in various verticals over the years using numerous tracking solutions. Whe can cater custom solutions for you

Business Portals

Do you have a great idea, community or group. We can create custom enviroments for you to engage acros multiple mediums

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