Technology & Marketing

WISI has 20 years of experience in providing clients with business systems to optimise delivery, solve problems and re-engineer existing architectures and systems.


Big Data Solutions

Create elegant solutions to make your data work for you and extract value with data blending, reports enhancement

Increased Sales

Boost your existing traffic to new levels and focus on teasting, measuring and re-engineering the optimal conversion journey.

Performance Marketing

Tires of low performing paid campaigns that seem to drive no value. Lets focus on identifying the best campaigns.

Business Analysis

Need support in defining your Tech Requirement? Tired of getting tools that dont do the job? Lets review and optimise.

Competitor Analysis

Find out what your competitors are doing? Get inisghts on products, marketing, trends, breakout topics and more.

Optimised Analytics

Make your Analytics platform work for your bby collecting the correct events and inisght to drive growth and retention

Reporting Suites

LDo you have 10 reports all doing almost what they need to do? We support in merging your data sources into power reports.

Audits and Support

Quick SEO / Web / App / Social audits to advise on areas of opportunity and any technical solutions holding you back.

Web & App Solutions

Enpower your businerss to enage with its clients in the spaces where they live. Build messenging solutions that serve your clients across WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Telegram etc...

Technical Audits

Website errors are one of the most common reason why brands strggle to compete in many competitive industries. Make sure your website is optimised for all platforms from desktop to mobile.

Brand Protection

Do you own your brand? More and more brands find themselves loosing their own brand Google traffic to compititors. Dont loose what is your own and capitalise on your brand identity

Core Agency Skillsets
Tech without Noise

One of the most important deliverbles in business is getting the best tech to give business the solutions they need and not the the tech everyone likes to show off. When a business can shed the burdon of trying "cool" stuff and focus on getting the single processeses they have built their success on., then Tech becomes the driving force whihc will propell your business to the next level.
Business requirements

Understanding of the Buiness Goals
Is the Business objective clear

Requirement Based tech

Technology Selection: What is needed not wanted
Best solution based on your tech Stack

Built to Measure

Make sure you can measure everything
What data shoudl be collecetd where?

Big data Solutions

Bring all your adta together
Build and expose relvant reporting to the teams

Our News

05 October 2022

Meet your marketing objectives: New Google Analytics

A year ago, we introduced the new Google Analytics to help you meet the challenges of an evolving measurement landscape and get better ROI from your marketing for the long term. Google Analytics 4 properties offer privacy-safe solutions to measure the customer journey, machine learning to predict outcomes and automate the discovery of insights, and easy activation of those insights in Google’s advertising platforms to enhance your marketing performance.

15 April 2022

Send Your Clients A Birthday Email That's Sure to Get Engagement

Birthdays can be fun to celebrate. They’re like our own personal holidays where people wish us a happy birthday, wait staff sings and brings us free desserts, and our social media feeds are filled with best wishes and adorable memes. It’s also fun to watch the birthday offers roll in.

A happy birthday email is an automated marketing email that is sent out on or near a customer’s birthday.

14 April 2022

The Ultimate Guide to Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

t many companies, it can feel as if there are 100 miles between sales and marketing. In a recent LinkedIn survey, 60% of global respondents believed that misalignment between sales and marketing could damage financial performance, yet there are a number of disconnects between the teams from strategy to process. One of the most critical steps for aligning your sales and marketing efforts is creating a service level agreement (SLA). Traditionally, an SLA serves to define exactly what a customer will receive from a service provider.

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